Buying Wallpaper Guide


Below is information and advice regarding our wallpaper coverings to help ensure to achieve the best results when hanging.

• Please be aware that our wallpaper is a handcrafted product containing natural materials and variations in vertical and horizontal weave and shade are normal characteristics of such wallpapers.

• Whilst we make every effort to ensure our wallpapers are of the highest quality, variations may occur.

• This is a top quality wallpaper and must only be hung by a qualified and experienced decorator.

• Please inspect every roll before cutting and hanging the wallpapers to make sure they all have the same batch number and there are no faults or color variations.

• We cannot accept liability for defects at the time of hanging nor any consequential loss.

• Although we have tried our best to give the most accurate photographic representation of the wallpaper, we urge you to buy a sample to ensure you know what you are purchasing.

• Returns will not be accepted unless the wallpaper is faulty.

• It is the responsibility of the customer to have correctly measured the amount of wallpaper needed, this is not a service we offer.

After purchasing and before hanging the wallpaper

• Check that rolls are undamaged, that the product code, batch and letters are the same for each roll of the design and that all colours match.

• Inspect the wallcovering for defects and shading.

• Check all wallpapers within 14 days of delivery and contact your supplier immediately or after 3 lengths have been hung if there is a problem. We cannot accept responsibility for wallpaper hung after 3 lengths.

• No claims will be accepted for more than one roll and any claim is strictly limited to the replacement of faulty wallpaper.

Instructions for hanging the wallpaper

Full hanging instructions are included with each purchase on the reverse of the label.


Walls must be clean, firm and dry, with old wallpaper, backing and lining paper having been removed. Any flaky surfaces should be scraped, holes or cracks filled and sanded, and porous surfaces sealed and allowed to dry for 48hrs. Ideally, cross-line your walls with grade 800 or 1000 lining paper. Do not hang wallpaper over expanded polystyrene veneers or any other such flammable products and ensure all wall-coverings are firmly stuck down.

Dark colors

To avoid white edges showing when hanging darker colored paper, it is recommended to use a crayon of a matching color to pre-color each end of the roll.


We recommend premixed tub pastes such as LAP, Polycell or Solvite. Avoid getting paste on the patterned surface of the paper, if this should happen, gently use a clean damp cloth immediately to wipe off while it is still moist. Do not rub the seams. Dried paste may damage the surface of the wallpaper.


Cut your lengths allowing for pattern matching and for final trimming top and bottom. Do not assume that the wallpaper will come off the roll the right way up. Apply the paste generously and ensuring the edges are covered. Allow to soak for 2-3 minutes for the paper to become supple. Do not over soak. Do not allow the paste to contaminate the painted surface of the paper. Do not paste more than one length at a time. Use a plumb line when hanging the first length and smooth the paper to the wall using a paperhangers brush from the centre of the length to the edge to expel air bubbles. Check the results after hanging 2 or 3 lengths and if you are not happy, stop. Do not over wipe the seam of adjoining wallpaper panels as this could result in the background color being damaged. Good ventilation and an even temperature will assist in the even drying of wallpaper.

The above instructions are provided in good faith and individual site conditions are beyond our control.