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Highly detailed typographical eye anatomy print created by Dr. Stephen Gaeta who originated the popular diploma heart.

  • 11" x 11" on eco-friendly thick matte stock
  • Printed sustainably using 100% wind power, responsibly harvested paper and vegetable based printing ink
  • Text taken from The Motions of the Retina Demonstrated by Experiments, from Zoonomia, by Erasmus Darwin. 1794.

Stephen's inspiration for the piece:
"I find the eye to be beautifully and deceptively simple. In this piece I wanted to construct the simplicity of its anatomy with the complexity of its physiology using the text from an early, seminal work of science, Zoonomia. It is the masterpiece of Erasmus Darwin (grandfather of Charles), in which he attempted to catalog and explain human anatomy, pathology, and physiology, including our visual system."

Ships in a reinforced mail tube within 3-5 days of order.

International orders take 5-10 days to arrive. Please note: Some international orders may be held in customs and will take longer to arrive according to country.

©2011 Stephen Gaeta for Street Anatomy