ORGAN DONOR Vinyl Figure

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Created to bring awareness to the issue of organ donation, the Organ Donor vinyl figures feature the most donated organs, fluids, and cells.

  • Height 3.25 in
  • Includes 1 blind box per order
  • Collect all 9 figures: Lungs, Heart, Cornea, Liver, Kidney, Blood Cell, Plasma, Stem Cell, and Brain
  • You might even get rare organs such as the Black Market Kidneys, Pickled Liver, Black Lungs, etc.
  • Each ORGAN DONOR come individually boxed in a blind box concept—meaning, it is a surprise as to which ORGAN DONOR you will receive!

"Organ Donors is a vinyl figure concept that I really fell in love with because the idea actually came to me when a member of my wife's family had to have a double lung transplant. He has had Cystic Fibrosis since the day he was born and he was lucky enough to get a set of lungs from a marathon triathlete. This miracle was the seed for the Organ Donors concept."
—David Foox, artist

Blind boxes are not returnable once they have been opened.

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