Wallpaper Guide

Should I buy a sample?

Although we have tried our best to give the most accurate photographic representation of the wallpaper, we urge you to buy a sample to ensure you know what you are purchasing as returns will not be accepted unless the wallpaper is faulty. 

How much wallpaper do I need?

Each product listing has the dimensions of the rolls listed together with the pattern repeat. It is the responsibility of the customer to have correctly measured the amount of wallpaper needed. If you need some help calculating how much you may need, please email us at info@anatomyboutique.com.

What is the wallpaper made from? 

(THIS INFORMATION HAS BEEN UPDATED IN MARCH 2018 AS WE MOVE FROM 100% FSC paper to Non-Woven paper - if you have bought paper before March 2018 please see instructions on the reverse of the roll label)

The Grey & Silver color way of the paper will be changing to non-woven in April 2018

Non-Woven Base: 45% of Non Woven is wood pulp (cellulose fibers), which is a natural fiber, which is completely biodegradable and comes from FSC certified Forests (well-managed Forests). 15% of Non woven is polyester fibers — a mixture of Aliphatic (biodegradable) and Aromatic (non degradable) fibers. To summarize a high percentage of non woven is biodegradable. Non-woven is also recyclable and goes into the ‘Mixed Paper Range.’

Furthermore, through its construction of Wood pulp, Polyester fibers and no-top vinyl coating, it can also be described as breathable allowing the wall to breath allowing no build-up of moistures or fumes.

Printing Inks: all our inks are Acrylic and are classed as water based, non-toxic and very low in VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds). The positive characteristics of Acrylic inks are they have little or no fumes, quick drying times, environmentally safe, water clean-up and long lasting colourfastness

Flock Fibre: the flock is a 1mm Nylon Fibre. The benefits are that it is recyclable, very hard wearing, has a good color/light fastness and a very good reaction to heat. To summarize, it melts instead of burning.

How do I prepare for hanging the wallpaper?

This is a top quality wallpaper and must only be hung by a qualified and experienced decorator. We are not liable for any damage or problems caused by faulty hanging. 

While we make every effort to ensure our wallpapers are of the highest quality, variations may occur. Please inspect every roll before cutting and hanging the wallpapers to make sure they all have the same batch number and there are no faults or color variations. We cannot accept liability for defects at the time of hanging nor any consequential loss.


What are the instructions for hanging the wallpaper?

Full hanging instructions are included with each purchase on the back of the label. Below is an abbreviated version:

Preparation: Walls must be clean, firm and dry, with old wallpaper, backing and lining paper removed. Any flaky surfaces should be scraped, holes or cracks filled and sanded, and porous surfaces sealed and allowed to dry for 48hrs. Ideally, cross-line your walls with grade 800 or 1000 lining paper. Do not hang wallpaper over expanded polystyrene veneers or any other such flammable products and ensure all wall-coverings are firmly stuck down.

Paste: This is a ‘paste the wall’ product. The decorator should paste the wall and not the back of the wallcovering. A Premium Quality Tub Adhesive, or an equivalent good quality, solvent-free, fungicide protected, light grade adhesive should be used. We recommend Solvite Paste the wall ready mixed adhesive or Solvite Light Grade Wallcoverings adhesive.

DO NOT USE SELF-MIX ADHESIVES. ALL PURPOSE AND HEAVY DUTY PASTES ARE NOT SUITABLE. Paste should be evenly applied to the wall to hang 1 length at a time, to an area slightly wider than the width of the roll.

Avoid squeezing paste out of the joints. The paste should not come into contact with the printed side of the paper. If this should happen gently use a clean damp cloth to wipe off while it is still moist. Do not rub the seams as this may damage the painted surface. Dried paste may damage the surface of the wallpaper.


Trim top and bottom with a sharp knife or scissors. Ensure wallcovering is firmly adhered as, in the event of fire, loose wallcoverings can contribute to the hazard. After hanging 2 or 3 lengths, inspect the result to ensure that no shading or other faults are present, and if you are not happy, stop. Do not over wipe the seam of adjoining wallpaper panels as this could result in damaging the background color. Good ventilation and an even temperature will assist in the even drying of wallpaper.

The above instructions are provided in good faith and individual site conditions are beyond our control.

What is your policy on wallpaper returns?

Check all wallpapers within 14 days of delivery and contact us immediately or after 3 lengths have been hung if there is a problem. We cannot accept responsibility for wallpaper hung after 3 lengths.

No claims will be accepted for more than one roll and any claim is strictly limited to the replacement of faulty wallpaper.

For any other questions, please contact me at vanessa@streetanatomy.com