Street Anatomy store tube packaging


Welcome to the Street Anatomy Store!

We feature art and products from artists with one commmon interest—human anatomy.




Artists are grasping anatomy from the medical world and are reinvigorating it through art in the most imaginative ways. Street Anatomy is a platform dedicated to cataloging and sharing this anatomical art with the public (going on nearly a decade now!).

The Street Anatomy Store opened in 2011 out of my desire to make anatomical art accessible to the public. More importantly, it supports the artists I've followed, featured, and befriended over the years.

I operate the Street Anatomy Store out of my Chicago studio, packaging each order myself and even including a personal note to each customer. I take pride and joy in shipping anatomical art to collectors all over the world.

If you have any questions, please check our FAQ page or send me a message via the Contact page!

- Vanessa Ruiz, Founder




Vanessa Ruiz at TEDMED 2015


Vanessa Ruiz is the driving force behind Street Anatomy, a platform that aggregates works that explore the intersection of art and medical illustration. Since its 2007 launch, Street Anatomy has published more than one thousand posts, revealing human anatomy in pencil drawings, tattoos, 3-D printing, and interior design, among other media. Fascinated by the surge in street art that was happening in Chicago while she pursued a master’s degree in biomedical visualization at the University of Illinois, Vanessa found a lack of public knowledge about the profession. She created Street Anatomy in the hopes of taking medical illustration into more public spaces and built an online resource for the public to discover contemporary anatomical art that gained instant popularity.